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Through a contextualized framework,
The Practice of Democracy experience offers:

  • Participants navigate through a reflective localized journey of how democratic principles, civil liberties, and rights are experienced and defined by others
  • Participants of the exhibit and programming experience a deeper grasp of how history informs the current physical and socio-economic landscape in their communities and the surrounding neighborhoods
  • An opportunity to have robust conversations on diverse topics threatening the practice democracy as it relates to current crises and future visioning
  • An understanding of participatory design thinking processes and the potential of shared value projects that represent broad community driven design grounded in historical framework where each component addresses structural inequity and systemic challenges
  • Engage in design thinking processes to explore existing and potential design solutions that reverse systemic challenges in ways that co-create an ecosystem of social change
  • Opportunities to engage in on-going goals and projects

Each iteration of The Practice of Democracy: We Hold These Truths invites a curatorial team working within diverse sectors advancing democratic values like equity and justice to contribute to site-specific installations. Together, this work investigates how the practice of democracy shows up within our built environment- the places we curate and the spaces we engage. The Practice of Democracy experience asks a larger societal question: “What is our collective agency as stewards of democracy to heal and to manifest these values of liberty, equity, and justice in our daily experiences and the outputs we plan, decide, and design in the built environment.

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