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Defining Democracy

The Practice of Democracy: We Hold These Truths explores the values rooted in Democracy told through events and the voices of the people defining its future. Beginning with historic events and navigating to the present day, participants engage with the policies, practices and investments shaping our lived experiences demonstrating how Democracy is practiced. Each interaction unearths the hopes and aspirations of Democracy while confronting the generational contradictions to deliver its full potential for all.

This immersive platform interrogates the relationship between society’s most pressing challenges and the ways in which democracy is defined through the places and spaces we navigate. Various engagement prompts invites participants to define ways where democratic rights and liberties are intentionally practiced in order to advance healing, equity, and justice.

In our shared pursuit of Democracy, there is a collective ask to move past the entrenchment of inequity activating a practice of democratic values that privileges healing over harm, equity over inequity, and justice above injustice.

For far too long, the very truths we uphold and look to – concepts like We the People, truth, justice, and equality— have been selectively applied and made to be an empty gesture. Join us in reimagining the social contract of democracy by examining how the past continues to inform our present day condition which tarnish our hopes for a equitable future. By harnessing our empathy and sense of place, we can begin to rebuild the bonds of society and deliver on the full promise of democracy.

We ask:

How have past decisions truly affected our perception, expectation and experience of democracy?

How do we invest in a spatial practice of democracy that is just, equitable and felt by residents of our cities?

How do each of us define our place as stewards of the future of our democracy?

Can we reframe our perceptions, mental models, relationships and power dynamics to center our shared humanity?

Will that reframing allow for future policies, practices and investments that move beyond our current systems of inequity?

How do you define democracy?

Help us collect stories and responses from our community. To answer, please leave a comment below.

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