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Visioning Democracy

Whether good, bad or otherwise, democracy has an impact on our everyday lives. When we focus on healing, justice and equity we can counter the historically negative impacts of choices made about our everyday spaces. We have the opportunity to envision a future more grounded in humanity. We will revisit our Tremont case study and the High Line. This time you’ll be invited to explore our theory of change.

What if democracy’s impact in our lives was rooted in healing, justice and equity. Our theory of change will offer a toolbox of pedagogy, processes and spatial practice centered on addressing our current built environment’s disparate impacts on our health and human needs. It will also assist in investigating and transforming the conditions that guide, inform, and manifest the challenges in our society (eg. housing insecurity).

Are there spaces or places in your city that center healing and justice?

Help us collect stories and responses from our community. To answer, please leave a comment below.

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