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Practicing Democracy

Democracy when in practice is a connective thread between all of us. In this section we go beyond the negative infractions to democracy that we see in our day to day (eg. mass incarceration). We encourage you to define what life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness not only means for you as an individual, but all of us as a group. In this section we highlight examples throughout the world where we imagine new systems, spaces, connections and ways of being that are both practically needed and expressive of our shared humanity.

You too can become a spatial practitioner of democracy! When we see ourselves as spatial practitioners of what we value in democracy we can better see what’s preventing it from reaching its full potential.

Democracy is a living experiment with a history of risks and failures. From small changes (ex. Questioning our bias or expectations toward things or people) to large actions (ex. Proposing alternatives to harmful policies) you can shift the way we all experience democracy.

How can you become a “doer” of democracy?

Help us collect stories and responses from our community. To answer, please leave a comment below.

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