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Panthers Gathering Outside the New Haven Office. 1970, David Fenton, The Guardian.

In the Dixwell and Newhallville neighborhoods

760 Orchard St New Haven, CT 06511


While the city is known for the Black Panther Trials, less is publicly known about their organizing at the ground level: youth education programs, political organizing against the city’s housing program, free breakfast program for the community’s youth.


Walter ‘Rap’ Bailey of Hartford saw how Black youth experienced more violence and deprivation of needs than any other child is meant to see. This compelled him and others to organize civic action against segregated housing practices that produced the very conditions of this proliferating trauma.

Why? Spatialized?

Before it got caught up in the Judicial system, the New Haven chapter on Orchard Street in Dixwell successfully served the local community. Documented in the Yale Daily News, daughter of Black Panther Warren Kimbro, Veronica, stated that the group was committed to supporting the Black community’s right to self-defense.

They challenged local government and landlords over the chronic issue of lead poisoning, and distributed newspapers to residents to raise awareness and consciousness of the social, economic, and environmental plights the community faced.


Questions to Consider

How does the media portray forces that attempt to challenge disparate impacts felt by communities in need?

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