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159 Church St S, New Haven, CT 06510

Southern South Norwalk


An integrated suburban community built upon American democratic ideals in the face of postwar housing discrimination.


”Those of us who started Village Creek had a special kind of a community in mind. We were looking for a good place in which to live and bring up our children, a community which would be in itself a model of democracy. We wanted a healthful place to live, waterfront, view . . . but above all else we wanted a community with a completely democratic character — no discrimination because of race, color, creed or politics.”

– Village Creek Prospectus, 1951


Due to the community being an integrated development, no real estate broker showed a single property in Village Creek for the first ten years. Almost all sales were made by word of mouth. Over time, the community has retained its diverse demographics,

and future generations of the original homeowners have sought to live there as well to raise their own families. Village Creek is demonstrative of the power of self-organizing against undemocratic practices that produced discriminatory and unequal spaces.


Questions to Consider

How are we able to support efforts and projects that challenge discriminatory and undemocratic practices in society?

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